house tour

{This page will be continuously updated as I snap more photos around the house!}

Outside, Front:

We've actually done very little to the front of the house, aside from clearing away dead leaves, pulling weeds and giving everything a trim in the spring. The yard was well-established and well-cared for when we took it over, so now we're doing our best to keep it that way! One day we'll paint over that green with a more modern color, but it's not a priority at the moment.

Living Room:

This before photo is with the original owner's furniture. The living room was part of the hardwood floors makeover that I wrote about here. Then we moved in some beautiful inherited furniture by Danish designer Hans Wegner (details here), painted test swatches and left it at that for now. We have been stumped about the wall color, but I'm leaning toward my first instinct. You guessed it: white!


We've come a long way from the dark, claustrophobic feeling cabinets and linoleum floors of our original kitchen, with the help of lots of paint, removing a few cabinets, and replacing the fridge and hardware. Down the line will come fresh countertops and more new appliances! The previous owners were in the middle of moving out when we snapped these before pics. (Read more on our kitchen projects here, here and here!)

Outside, Back:

We made an attempt this spring at filling in the garden beds back here, loading in piles of fresh mulch, prettying things up with patio furniture, and planting a few trees.

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