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Thanks for stopping in at Cookies & Beer! This is our little family: Jenn, Ben, Max and Rosie.

I'm Jenn, a writer turned stay-at-home mom (with lots of other stuff in between). My favorite cookie is ... well, I have never met a cookie I didn't like... and I love a good Left Hand Milk Stout. Preferably draft. Yummo.

My hubby is Ben, a frisbee-loving, beer-drinking, home-brewing accountant. Favorite cookie? Peanut butter! And as for beer, he goes for a nice hoppy IPA. Ideally from a growler filled at a local brewery.

Here is sweet Bosco, who traveled the world with us but sadly passed away last year. He was seriously the best.dog.ever, and is missed every day.

The House of Cookies & Beer is a place where we love good food and cooking (sometimes vegetarian, sometimes piles of bacon), micro-brew beers, tasty vino and having friends and family around as much as possible. We've updated and sold two houses (the most recent, our 1979 ranch, is featured in this blog), and now are in our third - and maybe final? - home. This one is a gorgeous colonial style house in pretty much our ideal neighborhood. We're in the process of giving this one some love and making it our own.

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