Apr 12, 2017

Back from Hiatus! And Fun News!

Hi sweet friends - I'm still here, I'm still here!

Believe it or not, this blog has been on my mind for the past few years as it sat dormant. Life took over, as it should have. Parenting two small kids full time is all-consuming, with big highs and big lows. It's a season of life that is a beautiful, crazy whirlwind, and I can sense that as a family, we are slowly shifting into a new season now.

I've started freelance writing again on a part-time basis. Rosie began three-year-old preschool, and Max started (gasp!) kindergarten!! Lots of new beginnings! Kindergarten has been wonderful and joyful and sweet. I've been so grateful to see my guy thriving and excited about school, and gaining confidence every day. But it's also daunting. Packing the lunches and arriving on schedule; remembering the assignments, the forms, the spirit days, my volunteer shifts, oh my! The mornings now require that my kids are not only dressed, but also PRESENTABLE. Clean faces, brushed hair, tidy clothes - because that's just how it is when you are in real school!

So all of that rambling is to say - life has been rich and full and busy, but writing is calling to me. I love that I have the amazing opportunity to work again doing what I love. But I need to write for myself as well. For fun, to keep the creativity alive. And what better excuse to bring back "Cookies & Beer" than a major home renovation project?

Yep, we are two months into a full-on demo of the main floor - it all started with our (my) desire for hardwood floors. I could not handle white carpeting with small kids for another minute, by god! We quickly realized that if we intended to change our home's layout within the next few years, even just a little bit, it really should be done at the same time as the floors.

Fast forward through a few months of intense deliberation and financial analysis, and we found ourselves interviewing designers and eventually signing on for the little project that turned big. It started with floors and a modest kitchen update, and it kept growing - and growing, until we landed on a plan that took out two walls, widened doorways and gutted the kitchen. Oh, and then I wanted to upgrade our built-in bookshelves and tear out a closet to make way for a mudroom. Because when will ever we do any of this again? We decided to go big or go home! So here we are...

Luckily we found a fabulous designer and contractor who are along for the ride and are helping us make sure it's all just what we're dreaming of.

This project is scary and it's a major upheaval in our home life. But it's also fun and thrilling, and we are trying to make the most of our camp-out style, kitchen-free life for the moment. The payoff will be a home that works for our family, that feels beautiful and functional, that is easier to maintain and more eco-friendly.

If home renovations are your jam, then feel free to check back here - I'll try to post updates as we go along!

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