Jan 16, 2015

Everything's Rosie

It occurred to me that I have not shared a single peek into our home since move-in day. Unless you count the disassembled kitchen cabinets, which I don't. Most of the time, it's a hot mess around here. Like crazy tornado-style, four-alarm disaster. Not fit for public consumption.

But while the kitchen sits in shambles, I've been piecing together Rosie's bedroom. Pardon the not-so-great photos. The sun was going down, kids were racing around, and this mama was eager to snap pictures - a work in progress, but coming together. Note the poor stuffed bear - I'm telling you, nothing stays where you put it in this house. Future visitors: you've been warned. Put your sh#* up high if you want to see it again.
For a little back story, Miss R was sleeping with us in the master bedroom room until she was one; up until then, she had pink walls, a crib, and not much else. Poor gal! Must.finish. I will say that a major project of my pregnancy was settling on the appropriate pink color. I tested out about a gazillion, and settled on this: Romance by Sherwin Williams. The pictures don't do it justice, but it has just a touch of peach to it. It's incredibly soft and warm, without being too much.
I've loved gathering pieces for this room. Who knew I could let my girly flags fly so high?! The chest of drawers was a flea-market discovery a few weeks before Rosie was born. I spray-painted the mirror orange for another project, but decided it fits perfectly in here. Can't wait to hang it!

I love to keep out a few of her wonderful baby gifts, like this burp cloth made by Ben's aunt, and the penguin from my aunt and uncle. The lamp is by Anthropologie - but I snagged it from our local Buy/Sell/Trade group, which has some AMAZING finds, for $11!
We used to have a chic, expensive glider, but it was a victim of our Dave Ramsey budgeting purge. This Ikea rocker worked great with Max, and still works just fine for the handful of times per day I'm in here nursing Rosie. I love the blanket thrown over the back, a sweet handmade gift given to me as a baby and now passed down to my own kiddos.

The giraffe art is a canvas made by a talented friend back in Calgary. It was in Max's very first nursery, and now it's here. This space is simple, but all of the elements make me smile.

The custom valance was my latest steal from our local swap group. I was nerdily excited about this one. I think I made Ben come gaze at it about four times trying to get the appropriate level of appreciation out of him. It just works. And for $20!
The bunting is from one of my favorite antique/shabby chic boutiques, Three French Hens, in Nolensville, TN. {I initially bought it to use as decor at Rosie's first birthday party. Gotta love multitasking decorations!}

This room just feels cozy, peaceful and happy to me. Hopefully my baby girl feels the same way!

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