Nov 23, 2014


Cookies & Beer has been in the back of my mind - like, pretty much always. But only now did I realize that a whole year has passed since my last post. This is sad stuff for my creative side. But I'm okay with it. Life took over. Two kids ages three and under is crazy, ya'll. You think you know, but you have no idea. (Or you totally do, because you've been there - or are still there. Or have it way harder!)

But here's the deal: I'm ready to get blogging again. Hooray! I'm not entirely sure what that means yet - it will probably continue to be sporadic, but we have lots of fun stuff going on that I want to share. There are still obscene amounts of cookies and beer being created and enjoyed in our home. And I'm a writer who hasn't been writing, so yeah - I need to fix that situation.

Let's see if I can do a speedy recap of the past year. In just 18 bullet points!

1) Max finished his first year of pre-school. And is the coolest kid in the world.
2) Ben and I attended a positive parenting workshop and are trying in earnest to be gentle, calm, loving parents in the midst of these chaotic early-parenting years.
3) Rosie turned one, started walking, and steals our hearts daily with her heart-melting smile.
4) We didn't sleep. All year.
5) We went through oodles of medical screenings and doctor's appointments with Rosie because our doctor thought her weight gain was too slow. We were terrified. She is FINE!
6) There was lots of laughter, lots of hugging, many small triumphs and big joys, and also many tears and challenges.
7) We got a puppy for one week.
8) Ben played on an Ultimate Frisbee team.
9) I had a blast helping host a baby shower, and then became an aunt!
10) We did a Dave Ramsey financial planning course and went into hardcore budgeting mode.
11) We've considered moving and driven to about 20,000 neighborhoods across middle Tennessee.
12) We went camping twice, the lake several times, and spent tons of lazy summer evenings grilling out in the backyard.
13) We've formed new friendships and strengthened old ones.
14) We have almost painted the entire interior of our house (including crown moldings and window frames, damn the window frames); have planted trees in the back yard, and DIY'ed a handful of home upgrades.
15) Animal control hauled away a feral cat that was living under our AC unit, a squirrel that had set up shop in the attic, and will soon be cleaning up after a skunk that was hunkered down in our crawl space. (Seriously, what is with this house and wild animals?!)
16) I volunteered as public relations coordinator for the Empowering Fearless Birth Conference. And got to sit on the home birth panel and chat about two of the best moments in my life. What a huge honor and humbling experience!!
17) Max turned four. He's officially smarter than me.
18) I became obsessed with Matilda Jane Clothing. Bad habit. Dave Ramsey wouldn't approve, but just look at Rosie in these clothes!

19) And finally, I took 82,000 photos and now have to sift through them all to find some to share in the blog.

There is of course much, much more - I'm exhausted just thinking of all this past year has entailed, but I wouldn't change it for anything! I may be delirious with sleep deprivation, but I mean it. Grateful mama here. Exhausted, yes. But very grateful. I'm excited to once again devote time to writing, sharing, photographing and generally documenting my life on this little blog. Below was one of my favorite moments of zen this year - sunrise at Fall Creek Falls. Awake before the family, taking it all in. A rare moment indeed.

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  1. Glad you're back at it Jenn! I missed the family updates.
    Alicia x