May 1, 2013

Moving and Houses and Babies, Oh My!

It's been almost a year since I started this little blog of mine! Lots has happened in that short time. We settled into our cozy ranch house in Nashville, did lots of projects and updates, got pregnant, and then sold our house and moved into a new one. And as you may guess by this post, I am still pregnant! I've surpassed the point when Max was born (38 weeks), so now I'm just waiting to see when Baby Tornado will make his or her grand entrance.

Things have been wild and crazy between moving in, preparing for baby, being very pregnant and exhausted, and helping sweet Max, who is in full-blown two-year-old mode, through all of these changes. The blog has taken a backseat, but I haven't forgotten about it! Cookies & Beer is still a place where I love to share, write and keep my creative juices flowing throughout this whole crazy process of motherhood ... and life.

I've recently discovered Instagram (I know, I'm behind), and have had fun documenting all the little moments that make up our days. Here's a peek at what April looked like for us: 

(1) Move-in day at the new house! (2) The cozy courtyard area of our new backyard. We've already changed it up, but this is how it started! (3) Our new walk-in closet. Holy cow I am excited about this space. (4) Springtime at the amazing park we now live five minutes away from (5) Ben and I enjoying a lunch date (thanks to my fab in-laws!) at one of our favorite places, Margot Cafe, on a beautiful day in our old stomping grounds of East Nashville. (6) Curtain panels I sewed for Max's new room. Don't look to closely, the hemming is not entirely done. But I like the direction they're taking my guy's soon-to-be big-boy room!

We also managed to sneak in a super fun maternity photo shoot at our new home, with the talented and energetic Kalli over at Kalimana Photography. She'll also be documenting our birth and doing newborn sessions, and I'm so excited to be working with her! These are two of my favorites from the session (check out more on her blog):

I'll be keeping you posted on baby's progress. We can't wait to meet this little one. Baby Tornado rightfully earned the nickname - he or she is a flurry of activity in my belly, and is definitely keeping me on my toes! We're planning and hoping for a beautiful home birth with our midwife. It will be so special to bring baby into the world in the home he or she will (hopefully) grow up in.  I am doing my best to be patient and enjoy the last days of pregnancy and this beautiful spring weather. I know life will be an even wilder ride from here on out!