Mar 20, 2013

Toning Down the Groove-Factor

You may remember this little teaser I posted a while back about one of our latest projects.

The mint green on the front of our house, mixed with our orange and maroon toned bricks, gave the house a really groovy 70s vibe. But not groovy in a cool, retro way. It was more of an outdated, musty sort of groove. But oh, the wonders of paint!! A little brown/gray combo and our house looks fresh and modern once more for the first time.

Oh, and a new roof didn't hurt either! After multiple hail storms over the past year, our roof was sufficiently damaged to warrant our insurance company replacing it. No more leaks, yippee! We also had the roofers pull off the collection of antennas and wires that had taken over the back of the house. Apparently the previous owners wanted to sample at least one of each type of antennae and satellite dish.

With me being pregnant and Ben working full-time, painting the exterior ourselves was unfortunately not an option. This is the kind of job that I highly recommend hiring pros for if you're able. It was major. This is the tedious kind of painting, that has to be done by hand with brushes, with lots of detail work around the shutters, trimming out the windows and doors, etc., and lots of climbing up on ladders and craning your neck to reach under the cornices and the top parts of the garage doors. It took the painters a good chunk of time to finish, but we couldn't be happier with the results! Here's another look at the before and after:

And the back of the house before and after:

We were amazed to discover that with a gray-toned trim color, we actually like the color of our brick! The gray does a nice job of toning down the orange and bringing out the more rusty browns. We hemmed and hawed about whether it would be worth spending money on the exterior of our house ... and answer is a resounding yes. What a difference!

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