Jan 15, 2013

Brass be Gone!

Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Speaking of Christmas, I was thrilled to finish up a little project last month, just in time to decorate my Christmas mantel: painting over our 80s brass fireplace grate! Brass is one thing, but shiny, gold-toned brass just isn't my thing. Here's how our fireplace looked for the holidays AFTER its make-over:

And here it is beforehand - not a really dramatic change, but I like that now the fireplace grate blends in, rather than shouting "look at me" all day long (that's what it was doing, by the way, just taunting me with its shiny brassiness). The brickwork and shelving already make this space a little busy, so I like that the bronze color streamlined the look a bit.

My initial plan was to remove the grate entirely and spray paint it with a can of oil-rubbed bronze Rustoleum. However that was not to be, since in spite of my best efforts (vinegar, W-D 40, yanking with all my might), this grate would not screw out of the fireplace. So I had to move on to plan B, which was to just grab a regular (non-spray) can of Rustoleum in oil-rubbed bronze and paint it the old-fashioned way - with a paintbrush.

I used a little frog tape, metal primer in gray, and two coats of Rustoleum (with some light sanding in between coats), to achieve a nice smooth finish.

I'm pretty happy with the results, considering what a simple little project this was!

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