Oct 5, 2012

What a {Fri}day for a Daydream: Gratitude

"Oh I'm a lucky man, to count on both hands the ones I love"

I heard this beautiful Pearl Jam song on my way to the park with Max this morning, and I had one of those moments. Those moments you live for, really, when you're driving down the street on a beautiful, sunny fall day and are struck by how rich and wonderful life is. Yup, I may have even gotten a little choked up and reached back several times to squeeze Max's leg and tell him that I loved him.

the reasons my life is so full :)

The thing that really struck me about listening to this song is the line I quoted above. A few years ago, before this whole parenthood thing, I would have thought about how many people love me, and not the other way around. Being Max's mom has made my heart expand in ways I never thought possible. For years I said I wasn't ready for kids because I was too selfish. I couldn't fathom the kind of love a parent has for their child, but now I realize that my ability to love little Max has only made me love and appreciate everyone else in my life even more. And to find true richness and fulfillment in life, I believe now, is to be able to really love others with an open heart, without worrying so much about whether it's an even trade or not.

So I guess today's daydream is a philosophical, emotional one, but hey - when I started this Friday Daydream series, I warned you that my brain would take us to all sorts of strange places!

I love the fall - it's always my most revelatory time of year. Something about that crisp air, the leaves falling, the sense of relief that the oppressive summer heat is relenting. So on that note, I hope all of you lovely readers have your own "life is beautiful" moments this month and enjoy the amazing season.

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