Aug 24, 2012

what a fri{day} for a daydream: Dream Homes

Confession time ... for fun last weekend, Ben and I dragged Max along with us to fancy model homes in Franklin, Tennessee. No, we don't plan to move anytime soon, but we were curious about this lovely looking area near charming downtown Franklin, and it was fun to get ideas for our own house (albeit, very expensive, top-of-the-line ideas!) We went to a subdivision called Westhaven, and though subdivisions are not our usual style, this is the first one we've ever seen that we thought was really charming and beautiful. A huge variety of plants and trees, and each house on the sidewalk-lined streets was done in a different style. Max got really into the house touring, screaming "more housie" each time we left one of the model homes!

One of our favorites was this absurdly expensive (as in, $799k expensive) home that was a few blocks away from the neighborhood elementary school. If I'd only seen the photos online, I don't think I'd have looked twice, but in person it was pretty spectacular! Not at all my usual style, but for some reason I just felt ready to move in here :) And so did Ben! Wish I'd snapped some photos of my own, but since I didn't, here are a few from the listing to drool over:

Open family room and breakfast room, but still super cozy
Gorgeous gourmet kitchen
We loved this butler's pantry and wine cooler leading from the kitchen to the formal dining room.
Amazing cozy porch that overlooks a small grassy area in the back - just enough space to run around with Max and Bosco with low maintenance! This community has tons of green space and a pool, so you don't need a big yard of your own!

Check out the full listing here if you're curious for more!


  1. UGH I got chills. And fell in love. Open space in the living room and kitchen makes me feel like I'm in heaven. Love it. Thanks for posting! Please put up a picture of your dining room wall too, because I plan on copying that whenever I build mi casa. LOVE. -Corey Ann

  2. Haha, our feelings exactly! Thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to write about our dining room :)