Aug 16, 2012

Waxing Poetic about Naptime

Well after two days in a row of Max skipping his nap (and then being exhausted and cranky), he finally took an afternoon snooze yesterday, yippee!! This anti-nap sentiment has been in addition to him fighting bedtime, putting-on-clothes time and getting-in-the-carseat time ... we must be getting close to two years old!

Here's Max one day last week ... after he refused his nap, I drove around town until he finally fell asleep!

Anyway, I was so relieved that Max consented to a nap yesterday that I felt inspired to write a little poetry. I was inspired by Dr. Seuss and the book we read before his nap, The Cat in the Hat!


Could it be, could it be
On day three, could it be

That Max is finally napping for me?

We played with his train
And we played lots of games.

We ran around the park
And read books in the dark.

Max ate all his lunch
And his crackers with a crunch.

He drove a big car
And made his dinos say RAWR!

We had lots of fun
Lots of fun and now we’re done,
Because Max is asleep...

And he’s not the only one!

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