Aug 14, 2012

Local Love: Pinkerton Park in Franklin

Pinkerton Park... the name reminds me of an old-timey park where kids in the 60s would have played baseball and swapped neighborhood gossip over a soda. But actually this park, situated right outside of quaint downtown Franklin, Tennessee, exists in the modern world and boasts some state-of-the-art playgrounds. Playgrounds have come a long way from the friction-inducing, heat-conducting metal playgrounds of my childhood!! And it also offers up tons of green space and walking paths, and was the perfect spot for our Sunday morning picnic this weekend. {Apparently the park's pathway even connects to downtown Franklin - I'd love to make a day of enjoying the park and then walking - or even biking - into downtown. Hmm... I'm filing this idea away for another pretty day.}

We discovered that if you head toward the back of the park (beyond the bridge and onto a gravel pathway), there's a wonderful little trail, followed by lots of stairs, that takes you to a secluded hilltop. The hill is actually a Civil War site (Fort Granger) - around its perimeter are trenches dug by the troops, so you get a bit of history here along with the beauty. If you're interested in this sort of thing, don't leave your cell phones in the car like we did - there is a guided phone tour that I really wanted to do! Oh, and the views up here aren't bad either - you get a nice look at those lovely rolling hills that middle Tennessee is known for!

In an effort to make this a free outing and avoid a trip to the grocery store, I determined to create something picnic-worthy using whatever was in our house. Here's what I came up with:

Edamame & chickpea salad, balsamic roasted tofu, crackers, hummus and grapes. It was a nice, light meal for a warm August day. I was beyond excited that the weather was finally cool enough to feel pleasant outside. And yes, by cool, I mean that it was in the mid to high 80s! All in all, this park is yet another reason I love living in Nashville ... there is always someplace new to explore.

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