Aug 23, 2012

Let's Color!

Last summer while visiting Ben's sweet parents in Chattanooga, Tennessee (one of Tennessee's most beautiful areas, by the way!), we hit an estate sale. We came across the coolest vintage school table and two chairs, and Ben's mom decided to get it as a gift for Max. It's really lovely - solid oak with nice lines, so I knew it would fit in seamlessly with our home decor. I'm all about being kid-friendly without looking like Toys'R'Us threw up all over our house :) Sorry if that comment was a little too graphic. And that's not to say that our house doesn't end up looking like a technicolor mess most of the time, anyway!

Anyway, this fabulous table sat in our finished basement area for a while, since Max was too little for it. I couldn't wait for him to be able to use it, and probably once I month I would put Max in one of the chairs to see if he could reach the table yet. Well now he fits, and he can even climb up and get to work coloring all on his own. Yippee!

So I moved the table into our living room (which I officially turned into a play room a few weeks back - read more here), and set Max up with construction paper, crayons and stickers. He had a blast and likes to climb up every morning to color with me for a few minutes. Just look at the adorable drawer! There is one on both sides, so for playdates we can pull this out and let two kiddos color together. The second chair is still downstairs for repairs (it's a little wobbly).

I have thought about refinishing or painting it - or maybe painting chalk paint on the top - but for now I think it looks great in its simplicity. Plus it looks like it could have come as a set with our oak Hans Wegner furniture shown below! 

The little scuffs and splotches add character, and if Max accidentally colors on it, it won't be the end of the world. All in all, loving this new addition to the living/play room, and Max says thanks to his Bama and Pa! {On a side note, I should point out that contrary to many of my photos, Max does sometimes wear shorts!}


  1. Pants are for losers! Also, I like that you say "if Max accidentally colors on it." :) My parents had this kiddie wallpaper in our playroom as kids, and it had crayons and crayon-drawn figures on it. Chelsea (when she was about 2 or 3) thought that someone had already drawn on the wall, and that it was okay. I guess my parents didn't anticipate that wallpaper would be just like ASKING us to color on the walls. Haha.

    Fun read, and cool desk!

  2. Haha, thanks!! Oh my, that wallpaper sounds like fun (and trouble!) ... I recently saw something similar where a family had put up plain white wallpaper in the kids' bathroom, and it was actually meant to be colored on :)