Aug 30, 2012

august cookie of the month : raw ice "cream"

My "cookie" this month is a tasty, sweet dessert ... but ok, it's not actually a cookie. Who really wants to be baking or eating lots of cookies in the August heat? Instead, I've been whipping up a modified - almost healthy - version of ice cream when that sweet tooth kicks in. I've think I've told everyone I know about this recipe, because it's so darn delicious without the guilt of ice cream. It's about time I shared it!

I'll post the recipe below for the sake of having it in my own records, but the credit goes to a different Jennifer over at her blog, I make it exactly as written, which is unusual for me!

Frozen bananas replace the cream portion of ice "cream." Because of this recipe, I now always make sure to have a few on hand. I wait until they are really ripe - usually brown, because that's when they have the best flavor; then I peel them, break them into pieces and store each one in a separate freezer bag. This makes it sooo fast and easy to toss one into the blender when I need it.

This banana "ice cream" is really rich with a bittersweet chocolate flavor. It really doesn't taste like bananas, so don't let the ingredients throw you! You can always add extra maple syrup if you prefer yours sweeter, but I'm good with the deep, dark, sinful chocolatey taste :) Fresh out of the food processor, it has a smooth, mousse-like texture. If you have the patience to freeze it for an hour or two (which I usually don't!), it hardens and serves up exactly like ice cream. Scoops and all.

And finally, the (very simple) recipe...

Banana Chocolate Ice "Cream"
(makes two servings)

2 frozen bananas
1/4 cup cocoa powder
drizzle of maple syrup
splash of vanilla extract
pinch of cinnamon

Blend together in the food processor and enjoy!! Let me know if you get creative with this! I imagine you could experiment with all kinds of flavors with delicious results.

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