Aug 21, 2012

A Tablecloth of Many Colors

So I subscribe to a variety of discount shopping websites. Home products, clothes, kids gear, you name it! At first I found them pretty addictive, and checked in all the time to see what was new, but lately I only peruse them if I'm feeling indulgent with my time, or if something really stands out.

Well a few weeks ago tablecloths, of all things, from had me clicking to see more. They were some seriously cute tablecloths by April Cornell for Danica!

I ended up with this festive striped number for around $30. It features all of my favorite colors for our home: blue, turquoise, green - heck, I'd even use pink if I wasn't the only girl in the house :)

The little tassels are such a fun touch.

And no sooner had I laid this on the table to get a look, than Max had discovered how entertaining it was. So we played a nice long round of "Where's Max!"

Then I had the idea to use the tablecloth to create Max's first ever tent. He pretty much loved it - he insisted I come "uner" (under), and then he spent the following 30 minutes jumping and spinning and giggling inside his tent (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't also doing those things right along with him).

Max's tent was pretty exclusive - poor doggy was turned away immediately, and there were no cameras allowed. I managed to sneak this one photo before I was beckoned back under the tent :) This is why I love toddlers - I never would have guessed that a simple striped tablecloth would provide an afternoon's worth of entertainment!

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