Aug 8, 2012

A Living Room Switcheroo

So I showed you not too long ago what our living room looked like ... and then I went and changed it. Scooting furniture around the house at a moment's notice (even if it's midnight, or early in the morning with the help of a toddler and dog) is sort of a family thing. My mom does it, my sister does it, and I'm sure my mother's mother did it before her!

Before the birthday dinner I hosted for Ben last weekend, I decided to move our big graphic navy rug into the living room. The living room gets the nicest natural light in the house, and it connects to the dining room, making it the ideal place to chill out with guests after dinner. Until now, our pretty living room has been sadly abandoned and neglected, and I wanted to change that!

I loved the rug in there, so yesterday I decided I would also move Max's toy shelf into the living room, effectively making it our daily hang-out spot.


Moving the location of Max's toys must have made it seem like everything was brand new - he was super excited and playing with everything more than he has in months!

I'm pretty happy with the new look - we are already spending way more time in this room. I left the TV in the den on top of the hutch that used to be in here, so that will sort of be the TV room now. It's really nice to separate the television from Max's play area!

You may notice that there are still paint swatches ... this room needs to be painted a fresh, bright white still! I even did a little Photoshop mock-up of what lighter walls will look like in here. I think it will help to modernize the space!

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