Jul 27, 2012

what a {fri}day for a daydream: den dreams

**update: just for fun, I added a photoshop rendering of what our den might look like with a nicer fan and more windows. scroll all the way down to check it out!**

Phew, well I got a lot off my chest yesterday, so if you're still here ... thanks! Today we'll get back into the realm of lighter topics ... like a fantasy den :)

I know I've talked lots about our den, and shown you some random corners of this elusive room (check those out here, here and here). I'm still working up the courage to photograph the whole thing in its current state and display it to the world - you see, there's the small matter of cleaning it up enough to photograph, since it's taken on a life of its own as Max's unofficial playroom.

Here's what it looked like pre-furnishings and post-hardwood-floor-installation:

I have really struggled with the den which is funny, since it has some of my favorite features in the house (vaulted, beamed ceiling, built-in brick shelving). It's also the darkest room in the house with just one little window.

Our back door entry is in this room, our TV is in this room, and Max's book/toy shelf is here. Oh, and it's also sort of a hallway since it connects the kitchen to the rest of the house. Anybody else feel a bout of multiple personality disorder coming on?

Ben and I already had our dark wood paneling painted white (see the evolution here) to brighten things up. My first instinct was to also paint our brickwork white, but I decided we should live with it for a year ... since painted brick is not exactly easy to reverse. So here I am, 12 months later, and I still think white brick would be a gazillion times happier looking than our 70s orange-y red bricks. I have to say, I still love the rustic look of our wooden ceiling beams, which will remain untouched by any paintbrush. So on my den dream-list are:

* Paint brickwork white (and brass fireplace black!)
* (this one's a reach) Add floor-to-ceiling windows or windowed doors on either side of the fireplace
* Add skylights
* Replace the light fixture (it just barely snuck into the photo above; it's terrible)

So come join me for a little daydream trippin'! These are some DENspirational photos I've been drooling over (sorry, couldn't resist the pun):

I LOVE how the white backdrop of this room contrasts with the wood beams. via House of Turqoise

Trade the stones for bricks, and this is our room almost exactly. The blingy light fixture adds a modern
touch (I've considered a steel/metal fan in our room), and I love the
sunlight streaming through that door to the left of the fireplace. via Young House Love

Windows going all the way up into the A-frame of the ceiling? Yes, please. via Birch & Lily

Amy Butler's home again, of course. The skylights are amazing. Via Apartment Therapy

For fun, I thought I'd do a quick mock-up in Photoshop of how our den might one day look with some work! Windows plus a ceiling fan :)

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