Jul 16, 2012

Pretty Little Bargains

The sun is shining today, a great way to start the week! But last week was rainy, rainy, rainy. The rain was much needed, and appreciated in every way ... except by my wallet. I took Max on many more shopping outings than usual, since our typical outdoor play times were a no go. Luckily, I don't shop at fancy places these days, and the ol' wallet wasn't hit as hard as it could have been! At Home Goods, I tracked down this pretty dog bed for Bosco, for just $20. He's notoriously picky about dog beds, but I think he approved.

And my best deal in a long time ... this little guy from Target. He was hanging out in their bargain section and was a steal at $2.50. Right now, he's living on one of the built-in shelves in the den.

I guess rainy weeks are good for getting things done around the house. When I'm trapped indoors, looking at my space all day, I find that I get inspired much faster!

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that the title of this post was inspired by my latest Netflix tv show addiction, "Pretty Little Liars." Much like pizza, it's cheesy and delicious and a great guilty pleasure :)

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