Jul 2, 2012

On Hot Weather and Beer

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great (albeit HOT) weekend! My mom compared this heat wave to being snowed in, and it's so true! So we came up with a few indoor activities to keep us entertained while Nashville hit record highs - I've been cooking, finally reading some magazines that had piled up for the past few weeks, and came up with a few crafty projects for Max. We also sought out a couple of kid-friendly outings that included plenty of air-conditioning. Here's a peek at one of our recent activities:

I'll spill more details later this week, but in the meantime ... I am running late. For my June beer of the month post, that is! I asked my fabulous husband Ben to write a guest post on this very subject. His write-up was so hilarious (and he enjoyed doing it so much), that we decided he should become a regular. I'm excited that we'll all get to enjoy his witticisms on a monthly basis. Watch for it later today, and just try to pretend it's not already July ... surely it must have snuck up on you as much as it did on me, right?!

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