Jul 10, 2012

A Little Pinterest Project

So like most of you (c'mon, admit it!), I am slightly addicted to pinterest. This idea had been hanging out on my pinboard for a while, but I move slow as molasses (I can use that saying, I'm back in the South now!) when it comes to committing to wall art.

pinterest via the style files blog

But once Max created his second masterpiece, I decided that his work MUST be properly displayed! A friend told me she had found supplies similar to those in the photo above at a hardware store for under $20 total, so off I went to Home Depot! Twenty dollars and about 15 minutes of drilling and attaching the rods later, and presto. I had a happy little corner to display Max's art, invitations, photos, or whatever makes me smile at the moment.

This is a corner in our ever-elusive den. I promise I'll eventually get around to sharing what it looks like these days. (You can tell in these photos that the lighting situation is terrible in this room, which is the main reason I've struggled to photograph it.) This spot is right next to the kitchen doorway, so it's a high-traffic area and a fab place for revolving displays of art and other fun stuff. Currently it has an invitation to an anniversary party in Norway, art by Max, a wedding invitation, one of my all-time favorite baby photos of Max, another wedding invite, a baby shower invite and more artwork.

I'd been planning to post about this project today and, incidentally, it coincided with the Pinterest Challenge being hosted by a few of my very favorite bloggers: Young House Love, Bower Power, Ten June and Centsational Girl. Check them out to see the crazy creative and crafty ideas they came up with!


  1. Pinned this. I almost shelled out the bucks for the Ikea version. Would have been pricey to do three "rods" so LOVED your Home Depot heads up. Totally making one of these in my office. Thanks for the pinspiratioN!

    Bernadette from www.b3hd.blogspot.com

    1. Yay, so glad you're able to use this idea!!