Jul 5, 2012

Four Things About July 4th

Confession: I always tote my camera around to parties and special occasions, but I rarely manage to actually take photos. Especially now that I spend much of my party time chasing around and playing with Little Wild Man :) Luckily, those moments all stick in my ol' brain photo album. Unluckily for you, lovely readers, that means my pictures of yesterday's festivities are sparse, to say the least. Sorry about that. We went to my parents' annual pool party and bbq, Max looooved his pool time, and I made a berry tart for dessert. In the name of celebrations, I wanted to share with you four things I just love about the 4th of July!

{bbq} I still eat mostly vegetarian, but I always indulge in slow-cooked pork barbeque on the 4th. My dad cooks it in a huge spit-fire grill for hours, and vegetarian or not, anybody with a functioning sense of smell will be drooling. Slap it on a white bun with some homemade barbeque sauce, and the day is complete.

{my parents' pool party} My dad pointed out that next year will be their 30th annual pool party - all at the house I grew up in. Now that's tradition for ya!

{heat} I'm referring to the weather here. I know, I know, who wants to sit around in 100 degree heat ... but it just wouldn't feel like the 4th if I wasn't alternately sweating and dipping in the pool and stuffing my face with all manner of good foods and beverages ... and then sweating some more :)

{family & friends} This is the heart of any good celebration, right? And I'm lucky to have amazing friends and family in spades. People who have showed up to join us for nearly 30 years to party down and commemorate all the best of summertime. I can count on one hand the number of years I've missed the 4th in Nashville, and each year I was utterly disappointed to be missing out on my favorite summer celebration EVER!

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