Jul 12, 2012

Designer Crush

Ever since I spotted her house tour (check out the whole thing here) on the Apartment Therapy blog, I have been obsessed with Amy Butler's gorgeous textile and wallpaper designs. And her mid-century home is pretty much the stuff of my dreams. It's updated to perfection - she and her husband have kept the best elements of their home intact (vaulted ceilings, big windows, beautiful stone work), while making it feel bright and fresh - not like some mid-century spaces that try too hard, and end up looking stiff and dull. Though her home is obviously on a much grander scale, there are elements that I'd love to re-create in our home one day. Like this:

Our den also has a vaulted ceiling, and I dream of adding skylights and floor to ceiling windows (or french doors). And ever since setting eyes on this wallpaper, I have wanted it for our entry hall. The colors, and modern yet whimsical style fit in exactly with my vision for our house.

When I set out to order fabric for Max's curtains (more on that here), I noticed that fabric.com had a sale going for all Amy Butler fabrics. I was doing a happy dance and loaded about six different options into my cart! Of course I had to narrow the selections down, as much as I loved every last one, and I couldn't have been more excited when my box of lovely textiles arrived yesterday.

I am in love with all of them. The first one (on the left) is meant for our bedroom, and I want to pair the other two together as pillow covers in our den. I bought them with the hope that they'd coordinate, and I think they actually work really nicely together. 

I'm beginning to amass fabrics ... with no real clue about sewing (and no sewing machine). I feel a trip to my mom's coming on. (That ok, Mom?) If I'm lucky, maybe she'll let me use her sewing machine AND provide a bit of a tutorial along the way :)

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