Jul 3, 2012

Blast from the Past

I thought you may need a break from looking at the same three rooms in my house over and over. Instead, today I want to take you on a tour of another house - our old one that was in East Nashville. Here's what it looked like shortly after we bought it - except those front hedges were about eight feet tall (I'm not exaggerating, check out the photo here, in a very old post about our house on Jenn & Ben Go North!), and we planted that sweet little cherry tree all by ourselves. We were pretty proud to not have killed it.

The funky, up-and-coming, historic neighborhood of East Nashville has recently been spotlighted in the New York Times and GQ magazine for being ultra cool and "hipster," and also for its great food. Don't worry, Ben and I were a far cry from hipsters, as were most of the people I knew in East Nashville. We're even farther from hipsters now that we tote a diaper bag and a rambunctious toddler everywhere, and accessorize our outfits with smears of peanut butter and avocado.

We loved our East Nashville neighborhood for the five years we lived over there. We still love to visit and wax poetic about our free-wheeling days as young, party-happy lovebirds, but we are also very, very happy to head home to our new neck of the woods. Where life is peaceful and we have a driveway. What can I say, we are now the people we'd have called yuppies five years ago.

The thing we probably miss most about the old 'hood, aside from the great sense of community, is our house, a beautiful Victorian circa 1899 that needed some love. We managed to make improvements with our very limited budget, but never saw it through to the end, so now we like to drive by and make sure the new owners are giving it the love it deserves! So far, they're doing pretty well.

We made some major exterior improvements before listing the house for sale - fresh white paint, removing the shutters, and fresh paint on the deck and around the windows. Ben's dad helped us patch up the deck's ceiling, and both of our families worked their booties off helping us spiff things up. It took us all of the four years we were in that house to establish the front garden beds. They were nothing spectacular, but they were low maintenance and stayed green most of the year, which was good enough for me! (When we moved in they were almost solid monkey grass and a gnarly old tree was growing over the window.)

Following are all of our real estate photos, taken after we had painted over some of our funkier wall colors and made things look very vanilla, as per our realtor's (correct) advice to keep things neutral.
Our huge entry hall opened out to our wraparound porch. We added some bamboo blinds to the front door for privacy and this fresh coat of neutral paint went over our previously chocolate brown walls. I just loved those transom windows! 
Living room with original windows (including the glass - so cool!)

This was initially our living room, but ended up as the dining room since it's adjacent to the kitchen. Note our sad lack of dining chairs! The original fireplace was the only one in the house that was still functional. Our only real change here was the new light fixture and paint.

The kitchen was a great sized space ... I wonder if the new owners will give it a fabulous make-over one of these days!

Breakfast room - we were so proud of this space, since Ben and his dad put the tile floors in themselves!! When we bought the house, this room had only sub-flooring. The table and chairs were also one of our first and only nice furniture purchases!
Our much-loved back deck
Our master bedroom with attached bathroom and closet
Guest room, with new carpeting we put in, and fresh paint over the previously bright blue walls!
Well, that's about it for the old-house tour! We had many good times in that house, and now are making new memories in our new home ... with our new family :) Looking forward to a sweltering but fun July 4th tomorrow - I hope you all have a fabulous holiday! I'm off to attempt making a berry tart for my parent's annual bbq and pool party.

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