Jul 2, 2012

Beer of the Month: June

When Jenn asked me to be a guest contributor to the Cookies & Beer blog, I felt both honored at the invitation and confident that I would be able to write what might one day become known as the single best beer review of all time. I saw myself attending a ceremony in honor of my lifetime achievement for this single beer post. The ceremony took place at the site that beer was first discovered and I received an award of a golden mug* that was magically cold and always filled with the perfect beer for the occasion. You know, an IPA for most occasions – an IPA is always a good idea, a nice stout for when I feel like busting out my sweet imitation of the Irish accent (Jenn says it sounds Chinese, but whatever) an Old E 40oz for when it’s fighting time, etc.

Alas, my fantasy was interrupted by unforgiving reality, which set the bar for my performance somewhere between lame and mediocre. So, now that we all have realistic expectations of what’s to come, let’s do this. I’m about get all mediocre up in your eyeballs! I apologize if that sounded offensive….please do not judge Jenn or her blog based on her choice of spouse.

Without further procrastination, the beer of the month is: Caldera IPA.

I guess I was hoping for some applause or something, but that’s okay, I thrive in moments of uncomfortable silence (see my profession as an auditor).

What are my reasons?

- As previously mentioned, an IPA is always a good idea.
- It’s from Oregon. I have never been to Oregon, but I hear they have yurts out there. Have you ever heard of a place that has yurts that is not awesome? On a side note, I have never stayed in a yurt either, but I hear they are lovely.
- According to the Encarta English Dictionary on my computer, the definition of caldera is: a large crater in a volcano, caused by a major eruption followed by the collapse of the volcanic pipe walls that form the volcano's cone. It may later contain a lake. I don’t know what to make of that, but it sounds pretty badass.
- It’s in a can ... a marvelously spectacular can. I love craft beers in cans, and apparently I am not the only one (www.craftcans.com). For a much more technical and admittedly better review of this beer, I recommend checking this site.
- It tastes really good – hoppy, nice kicker on the palate, I have no idea what I am doing here, so tastes good is apparently the best I have to offer.
- The last time I was at Bonnaroo, Bruce Springsteen was pounding these on stage. Let’s face it, if it’s good enough for The Boss, it’s good enough for you. Admittedly this did not actually happen, but it could have… this beer is wicked good.

* Disclaimer – I have not performed adequate research on the health risks of drinking beer out of a mug made of solid gold. More importantly, the solid gold mug would likely compromise the flavor of said beer. As such, it is best to avoid this at all costs in order to avoid metallicy beer mouth and potential death.

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  1. But the ultimate question, Ben, is, "Does this beer which you review have essence of wet pavement?"