Jul 31, 2012

a blank (but colorful) canvas

For years (and still to this day), I have been having this dream: I open my closet and discover several fabulous clothing items tucked up on a top shelf, or on hangers in the back corner. The dream is always the same, but the clothes are different each time, and very specific. When I wake up and realize that the fabulous wardrobe only existed in my head, I'm always shattered.

Clothes have taken a backseat to motherhood and home-fixing lately, but I'm a girl who began sketching clothing designs (using a fashion design kit - I was never much of a sketch artist!) at eight years old - and trying to sew clothes for my Barbie dolls, and eventually doing a bit of fashion-related journalism for a few years.

Speaking of fashion, Ben and I don't have cable, so imagine my excitement last night when I discovered that Project Runway Season 10 is available on Lifetime's website. I have some serious love for this show. It sparks my creativity and is making me excited to finally take the plunge and get a sewing machine! Funny enough, the inspiration I pulled from the first episode was not clothing but home-related. I guess that's just where my brain goes now. Check out these solid colored canvases used to decorate the contestants' apartments. They take a cue from the fashion world's current color-blocking trend:

The pinks and purples are not exactly my thing, but I've always loved fabric-covered canvases as a cheap way to fill blank walls. In fact, I wrote an article about it back in my freelancing days. This is our old bedroom (see the whole room in our East Nashville house tour) featured in Nashville's late and great "All the Rage" newspaper. :)

Fabric-covered canvases are a trick I've used in almost every place I've lived over the years, but for some reason it never occurred to me to use solid colors in a grid like this Project Runway epiphany. It would be a great way to fill the space above our platform bed until we get (or I build) a new headboard. This is definitely going into my must-do project list. I'll let you in on the results whenever I get around to this little DIY!

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