Jun 1, 2012

What a {Fri}day for a Daydream: Patio Obsessing

I know I've rambled on a lot about our yard lately. I promise I'll move on to other topics soon. But if you'll indulge me one more time, today I'd like to daydream about my latest obsession: a patio.

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If you've talked to me in the past, oh, two months, then you've probably heard me wax poetic about how Ben and I would rather have a lovely patio to enjoy all summer long than go on a big vacation, and about how we could build it ourselves on a budget. Well, scratch all of that, because most likely this patio project is going on the back burner until next spring. I talked a big talk, but upon closer inspection of our yard, with nary a level square foot to be found; and after researching what is involved in leveling and ensuring proper drainage of our hilly yard, we decided this project is best left to the pros. Unfortunately, the estimate we got from said pros was slightly over budget. By slightly, I mean $2,000. Oh well, now we can save for next year!

In the meantime, here's what our yard looks like, with patio furniture we got for a great deal a few weeks back at an estate sale. I have plans for the little table, and the lounge chairs are super comfy, if slightly out of place plopped in the middle of the grass! We like to tell ourselves that lying pointed downhill is even more relaxing than lying flat would be :)

The area where the chairs are situated is where I'd like a rounded stone patio, with a narrow walkway connecting it to the driveway. I'd also love a little stone wall around the far edge of the patio (the side that connects to the edge of the house), that could be used for overflow seating when we have backyard gatherings. The photo below gives an idea of the shape and the wall, although it's way bigger and more intricate than what we'd do! The next image is my rough patio plan.

via FLC Landscaping, the local company that quoted this project for us

I planted these three Arborvitae trees earlier this spring. Although our neighbors are lovely, I'd like to make this part of the backyard feel really cozy and private. I'm planning to fill in with more trees and shrubs in the fall or next spring.

Until then, just for fun, here are some patios that I think are pretty dreamy. Or follow me on Pinterest (link in right had column) and check out all of my patio inspirations :)

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via Better Homes & Gardens

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