Jun 20, 2012

Wedding Tease

As I mentioned earlier this week, my sister's wedding was amazing - the ceremony couldn't have been sweeter or more suited to her and her new hubby. They were both all smiles and laughs and tears and the intimate group made it all the more perfect. I was pretty blubbery myself for most of the day! It all started at the rehearsal - here are the sisters of Cookies & Beer after the successful trial run!

And it continued when I saw my sister in her hair and makeup the morning of the big day ...

And up until right before the ceremony, I was still getting verklempt watching my little sis looking so gorgeous and grown up!

The ceremony took place in a glass walled space overlooking the green trees and hills of Nashville, and then some walls were opened up to make way for the adjoining room where the reception was set up, complete with candlelight, a bounty yellow flowers and amazing food and beverages :) The big surprise of the night was that after my father chose a song for the father/daughter dance, he discovered that the songwriter, James Slater, lives in Nashville (go figure!). Through his ever-convincing ways, my dad swayed Slater to actually perform the song live for the father/daughter dance. It was such a perfectly Nashville touch, and a really beautiful song to boot ("In My Daughter's Eyes," check out the video below of Martina McBride singing it).

The whole wedding was emotional, high-energy, and really, really fun! Such a reflection of the couple themselves. My sister was stunning in her Vera Wang ballgown that only she could pull off so well, and us bridesmaids all actually really liked our infinity style (same dress, about 100 different ways to tie it) gray wrap dresses, purchased from Etsy seller The Jersey Maid. The lovely photographer has posted a sneak peek of the photos on her own website here. I can't wait for more!!

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