Jun 12, 2012

Snapshots of a Pre-wedding Week

Things are about to get crazy around here. And I mean that in a really and truly wonderful way. Crazy like when you were a kid and got to go swimming and go to a birthday party and eat ice cream cake and play with your best friend all in the same day.

Family will start arriving for my sister's wedding tomorrow, and then life will get really fun around here! So in the name of expedience, here are a few photos of the past few days in my life. (Note how Max has helped me scratch things off the to-do list with his green crayon!)

Here's the basement guest room. About a month ago, it was piled with old clothes and dismantled furniture that was missing pieces. I finally ordered an inexpensive metal platform frame for the spare mattress we've had sitting around and cleared out the junk, so that the room looked like this:

Then I went "shopping" in our storage unit garage, and found a few accessories from our old house. Now the room looks more like this. We're ready for visitors!


Oh, and here is Max's first ever photograph. He snapped it this morning. I think it has sort of an abstract, artsy feel to it :)

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