May 18, 2012

What a {Fri}day for a Daydream

Fridays are usually the time when I start to lose focus, let myself start winding down, and allow my mind to wander. My mind wanders all over the place ... like most homeowners, I'm sure, I like to think about all the fabulous renovations I'd do if I had buckets of money. Or being a travel-lover, I frequently fantasize about our next big vacation - Italy, anyone? Norway, perhaps? Or if it's Friday afternoon, I'm probably eagerly daydreaming about Ben getting home from work and all of us kicking back as a family for the weekend (family time can be hard to come by)!

So I thought it would be fun to dedicate my Friday blog posts to sharing what I'm daydreaming about at the moment. Things could get a little crazy with this. My brain is random.

Today, with the hot weather starting to hit Nashville, I am daydreaming about the beach. A big, white, sandy beach that goes on for miles, and the sound of the ocean waves, and the feeling of bobbing in the water that sticks with you for days after leaving the beach - and of course those beach sunsets. Are you there with me yet? If not, then let's just keep imagining: reclining in a lounge chair, holding a chilled Blue Moon Belgian White beer with a squeeze of fresh orange. Or a pina colada, whichever floats your boat (they both float mine when I'm at the beach). Are we getting closer? Saltwater showers, sand everywhere, fresh shrimp at a dockside restaurant, and no timeline or agenda. Ahhh, I'm feeling the island spirit now!

Last September, our little family, including Bosco, packed up and drove to Tybee Island, Georgia. Some good friends joined us for a few days with their toddler, and we got so into that island spirit that we extended our trip by several nights. Max was on the verge of learning to walk and loved everything about the beach. It was pretty heavenly, walking to the ocean every morning and playing with Max, then back to our condo for afternoon happy hour while the little man napped, followed by dinner on the balcony. Isn't it funny how quickly you fall into a vacation routine?

Ben and I were reminiscing yesterday about this amazing trip, and debating whether we could pull it off again come September, considering that we've thrown most of our money this year into our house and buying a second car. But a girl can dream! Who knows, maybe we'll find a way to make it happen!

Well, is everybody feeling relaxed now for the weekend? The beach is always my happy place when I need a mental vacation. Where do you escape to when you need a brain break?

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