May 13, 2012

The "Big Reveal"

Every home-geared blog must have, well ... a home, right? This is not going to be a glamorous reveal - I'm warning you now, before you scroll down to the photos. For now, all you get is Casa Cookies & Beer version 1. I mean, this blog is new, so obviously I will need LOTS of projects to post about :)

Quick back-story - baby Max was born in Canada. Once we made up our minds to move back to Nashville, we began house-hunting - from 2,000 miles away! When Max was three months old, he and I left Ben behind and flew to Nashville so family and friends could meet him, and I decided to do some "casual" house-hunting in person. Famous last words.

I know I'm a weirdo - while lots of people fantasize about a shiny new house with upgrades and modern amenities, I was lusting after an outdated rancher that we could pour some love into. After touring a few stinkers, a realtor offered to show me a home that was not yet on the market, but would go up for auction literally the next afternoon. I was skeptical...

But a few minutes later, we pulled into a cozy, older neighborhood of ranchers with meticulously maintained yards full of trees - and then up the driveway to a sweet little brick ranch with a rambling 1-acre hill of a backyard (keep in mind this was in February!)...

Next we walked inside and yowza - old carpeting, linoleum, dark wood paneled walls, gold-splattered mirror tiles, and all kinds of 80s awesomeness. And yet, somehow I was seeing past all of this and thinking, "oh the possibilities!!"

You can see the wood panels to the left and right in this photo. One detail I LOVED was this A-frame ceiling and the fireplace with brick built-ins. I figured if we liked the layout and structure, then we could always do cosmetic updates. This is the family room/tv room.

My parents and I snapped a bazillion photos and posted all of them online for Ben to check out from Canada. The owners (we met the daughter who was selling her father's estate) were insanely kind people who let me and my parade of friends and family re-visit the house multiple times. They left some seriously warm and fuzzy vibes behind in this house. I fully believe a house has vibes! Good energy and bad energy, mojo, not haunted, however you want to put it!

This was the kitchen area:

The formal living/dining room:

And the hallway bath with those gold-splattered mirrored tiles I mentioned:

Based on these photos along with about 800 more, Ben agreed we should make an offer. He was in the middle of a suuuuper busy time at work, and later said he pretty much would have gone along with anything, which cracks me up - but nonetheless, things moved forward. It all happened so fast - our home inspection was the next day, and it turned out to be a perfectly maintained, majorly solid house (aside from a few things being just plain old). Success!!

So yeah, we closed on the house from Canada a month later, and it was all said and done before Ben ever saw the place. And yes, he liked it when he finally saw it months later. I was holding my breath. For like 3 1/2 months. Phew.

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