May 21, 2012

Start Your Engines

Because this ride is just beginning! (Or as Max would say "vroooom vroooom!") This morning I'm jumping back in time, to last April, to the very first project ever done on this house (since it came into our hands, that is). Possibly the most urgent and important element of my updating plan was paint. And lots of it. You may remember these photos of our kitchen and den, looking rather dark and a little bit country.

While we were still in Calgary, finalizing our move and finishing up Ben's work contract, my amazing parents took charge of getting some things done for us so that we could move right into a fixed up kitchen and living area. (Yeah, did I mention my parents are amazing??) With the help of a painting crew and carpenter, they got to work on a few key projects:

1) Paint cabinets white
2) Remove those two large cabinets over the peninsula, to open up the whole kitchen area
3) Tear down wallpaper and paint walls
4) Sand down and paint over wood paneling in den

These are all projects that CAN be DIYed, but with an infant, a massive move and Ben's work schedule sending him out of town pretty quickly after moving back, it was more than worth the money spent to pay professionals to do some of the more grueling work! This was all very labor-intensive and time-consuming stuff, and we knew we'd have our hands full with plenty of other projects soon enough, anyway.

We decided on white walls in both rooms, since I've been digging that bright, clean Scandinavian vibe. I trusted my mom to choose a nice white color, and she did not fail us! She picked out Delicate White from Porter Paints, and it looks fabulous. Here's the kitchen and den after wallpaper removal and priming:

Here's the kitchen after it was all said and done. You may notice that my dad managed to peel away the harvest gold back splash behind the cook top - massive improvement! The laminate countertops and other harvest gold appliances will eventually be swapped out. We ultimately did away with that decorative panel over the sink as well.

Here's a peek at our bright new den, looking into the kitchen. (I know some people would prefer to drywall over the panels, but I think they're cozy and add character and charm to the room!) My dad told us afterward that he spent hours and hours alongside the painters sanding down those panels to prep for painting. The trim around the windows and doors in both rooms also got a fresh coat of bright white paint. I am one lucky duck to have parents who are so willing to help a gal out!

So there you have it, phase one of updating the House of Cookies & Beer! Just to recap, here's a before and after, side by side. Yippee, we're making progress!

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