May 24, 2012

Show and Tell

I have a new treasure to show off today!

On Mother's Day, Ben kept apologizing that my gift hadn't arrived yet, and I honestly wasn't too worried about it, seeing as he did so much other sweet stuff (check out more on our day here).

I had no idea what to expect of this mysterious gift, and suddenly a huge box appeared on our doorstep last Friday. Ben insisted on sneaking downstairs to wrap it (and insert the photos), and it was a blast to rip open such a big present, with help from Max and Bosco. Bosco is a champ when it comes to tearing off wrapping paper with his teeth.

Ben found the frame on etsy, which totally impressed me. He's actually been listening to me ramble on about how much I love etsy after all! He custom ordered the frame from Mountain River Images, and their shop is definitely worth a browse. They create some really unique, rustic frames and artwork. It's hard to fully convey in a photo, but the distressing on my white frame is just beautiful. It really makes it feel like a special piece of artwork, and not just a plain cheapo frame like I would normally buy for myself. Ben did a great job on photo selection too - a nice mix-up of our travels (Lake Louise, Denmark, Tybee Beach, and that's me skiing in British Columbia!). I can't wait to get out the hammer and nails and hang this baby up!

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