May 23, 2012

Dear Neighbors: We're Sorry

I previously mentioned our epic lawnmower sagas ... well right now we are at the peak of the drama. That photo is what our grass looks like this morning. Egads. It doesn't look too horrible from the street - yet. But it will very soon. Oh, it will.

There are two awesome stories leading up to this wild and crazy grass (and weed) growth:

Awesome story #1: While mowing our yard earlier this spring (if you've seen our house tour, you may have noticed that the backyard is fairly uphill), Ben got stuck in a weird spot near a tree, so he hopped off to take a look at the terrain. Thank goodness he hopped off, because a second later the mower went rolling right down the hill! I love how this man can stay calm in almost any situation. He walked into the house and said to me nonchalantly, "something just happened, you may want to come look." I walked out to find this:

The lawnmower had cozied right up to one of the railroad ties at the edge of our garden bed and we had no idea how long it would hold there. We both stood and stared at it for quite a while, and our conversation went something like this:

Ben: "I have no idea what to do."
Jenn: "Well I sure have no idea what to do."
Ben: "I just don't know what to do."
Jenn: "I know nothing about lawnmowers."

We finally resolved three things - (1) we should move the car to the lower part of the driveway so it wouldn't get smashed by a careening lawnmower; (2) I needed to photograph this awesome moment in time (Ben thought I went rushing into the house because I had a solution, but nope, it was just the journalist in me wanting to document this craziness); and (3) we should call my dad, who would probably have some thick rope and enough lawn-mower know-how to help us out.

As it turned out, my parents were headed to our side of town anyway, so they threw some rope in the car, Ben and my dad secured the lawnmower to a tree, and they rolled down the railroad tie and steered the lawnmower off to the side. Or something like that. I was too nervous to watch!

Awesome story #2: When Ben mowed the lawn two weeks ago, he mowed two stripes down the front yard, and to his surprise - off went one of the front wheels. According to Ben, the wheel rolled down the yard, into the cul-de-sac, and all the way down to the end of the street before he could wrangle it back. I love the mental image of that wheel just rolling away on a little joyride. So here's where we owe the neighbors another apology - the lawnmower sat where it had broken down, in the middle of the front yard, all weekend long. When a rain storm came in, we threw a tarp over it, which really improved the situation. (No, actually it looked much worse.) Unfortunately  - or maybe fortunately - I did not manage to document this particular segment of the lawnmower sagas. Just know that Ben eventually pushed that behemoth of a mower up the driveway and into the garage! (Oh, and he trimmed back the rest of the front yard with a weed-eater.)

He ordered the necessary parts to fix the wheel, made an attempt, and something's still not quite right. And so, as I keep kindly offering to call a lawn service just this once, Ben keeps insisting he can fix the wheel. And I believe he can. I just hope it happens before the neighbors offer to send their own yard people over :) In the meantime though, we'll just be hangin' in the tall grass!

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