May 15, 2012

Local Love: A CSA Mother's Day

I hope all you fellow mamas had a fabulous Mother's Day! Ours was rainy, but what better excuse to relax and snuggle up with the family?

Ben played with Max all morning so that I could lay in bed until almost 9am (luxury!) and then take a long, hot bath. Then I was treated to lunch - Ben's picnic plans were foiled by the drizzle, but it was still a hit! We started with an impressive spread of cheese, crackers, grapes and - to my surprise and glee - Sofia Coppola sparkly wine cans with straws. This is not just a cutesy drink; it is actually a quality and very tasty sparkling wine. Ben wouldn't be thrilled I'm sharing this, but he also drank one - straight out of the straw - and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our main course was a yummy veggie chicken salad melt (Ben found the recipe in my "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch" cookbook), a side salad of greens and veggies from our new CSA, and kohlrabi slaw (don't worry, I'll explain in a minute!). This is my kind of meal :) And yes, I have some work to do on my food photography... usually I'm too excited about eating to mess around for long with the camera. Just know that it was all delicious.

click for recipe we used for our Asian Kohlrabi Slaw!

So the kohlrabi slaw ... this brings me to one of my favorite decisions we made this spring. After thinking about it for years but never following through, Ben and I finally signed up for a CSA (aka, Community Supported Agriculture). Basically we sponsor a local farm, and in exchange, we get a fridge full of fresh vegetables every other week (there is also a weekly option, but we wanted to do a test-drive to make sure we can use all of the veggies we get). I chose a local farmer's market for our pick-up point, and this week was our first pick-up. The farmer's market included live music, food trucks, running into friends - and was set in a park with a playground for Max.  I think we'll really look forward to this outing every other Tuesday throughout the summer!

Among our bounty of fresh veggies (and strawberries - did I mention sweet, fresh, taste-like-candy local strawberries?!) was this:

cooking suggestion at

Don't think I didn't spend a good bit of time googling "purple vegetable" before identifying it as purple kohlrabi. It's in the cabbage family, which didn't stir much excitement in me, and the recipes I found suggested boiling, steaming or roasting it, which also didn't get me too pumped for purple kohlrabi. Ben had a genius moment once he cut into it though, and said he thought it might make a good slaw. So I got back to my googling, and quickly tracked down an easy-peasy recipe for Asian Kohlrabi Slaw. Man is this stuff good! Fresh, crispy and just a little bit spicy. We've been eating it for days, and now I'm crossing my fingers for more of it in our next CSA basket.

So that was my Mother's Day, and the very drawn-out story of our awesome CSA (Bountiful Blessings Farm for any Nashvillians who are curious).

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