May 31, 2012

Confessions of a Homeowner

Confession time ... we hired somebody to mow the grass. And we liked it. We liked it a lot.

Actually, I saw a neighbor getting their yard work done as I was driving home last week, pulled over and asked if they would give us a quote. I was desperate, our own lawnmower having been broken down for a few weeks. The landscape company belongs to a neighbor down the street, and we thought his price was more than fair for our beast of a yard, so they came in right away and got down to mowing and trimming.

Ben and I watched in wonder as a team of four (two behemoth lawnmowers and two with weed-eaters) sped around our yard and finished in about 20 minutes, what takes Ben hours upon hours of sweat and hard labor. I can see why people pay for this! We went ahead and asked the company to send their crew every two weeks until we fix the lawnmower. Which may be a while, now that we know how glorious it is it have the yard done for us, and how worthwhile it is for Ben to get his all-too-short summer weekends back for family time. Here's our nicely trimmed lawn with the first of this summer's day-lilies in bloom.

Our neighbor/lawn company owner was nice enough to walk around the whole yard and talk us through things as basic as identifying all of our bushes and telling us when and how to trim them, up to which trees looked dead and should probably be cut down, and pointing out that all of our once stunning rosebushes had been attacked by spider mites and would be goners if we didn't treat them soon. After some deliberation, we decided to have his company go ahead and spray them with a fungicide and insecticide. Though I hate to use chemicals, I'd also hate to lose all of our foliage - and these chemicals should dry up in the summer heat in a matter of days, making them safer than the suggested alternative - Sevin Dust - which scares the heck out of me.

Most importantly, though, he answered my most burning landscape question. What the heck is this pom-pom looking thing growing in the middle of our front garden bed??

Well, turns out it's a walnut tree. When we saw it this spring, we decided to leave it and see what happened, thinking maybe the previous owners intended to plant a tree smack in the middle of the garden bed. This thing grew FAST. I've been calling it our weed tree. No, not that kind of weed, silly.

Anyway, I have since spotted these things growing all along sides of interstates and other wild terrains, and they get big and bushy, so we'll have to be removing our little walnut tree very soon!

So that's the latest on our yard, little by little we will figure out how to manage it :)

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