May 14, 2012

Shop: The Colors of the Rainbow Are Very Good to Know

... you see them eeevery-where yooou go, da da da da...

Clearly, motherhood has gotten to me. Those are the words to a song one of Max's toys sings. Over and over. Moving along, here are my new rainbow-colored latte bowls!

These really do make me want to sing. I've been wanting bowls like these for ages, and when I walked into Anthropologie (on my first solo shopping trip in a while) they were front and center, calling my name. At $5 apiece, I figured I could snag six of my favorite colors without totally breaking the bank. Aren't they pretty? Now I'm fantasizing about open or glass-door kitchen shelving to show them off. Or some of these brightly-colored plates to complement them:


For our wedding, Ben and I only registered for fine china, since we already had everyday plates and bowls, and we figured we would update that on our own eventually. Well five years later, we are still using mismatched dishes, including a set from my college days. I don't hate the pattern of these - they are just thick and clunky, and sunflower yellow's not really my thing anymore.

I wonder if we could find a special place in the budget for some of those lovely striped and floral goodies from Anthropologie...

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