May 12, 2012


Welcome to Cookies & Beer! Pull up a chair, your favorite cookie and a maybe a cold IPA (we'll accept coffee if you're reading this over breakfast) ...

I'm Jenn, a writer turned stay-at-home mom (with lots of other stuff in between) to our little wild man Max, 18 months. My favorite cookie is ... well, I have never met a cookie I didn't like... and I love a good Left Hand Milk Stout. Preferably draft. Yummo.

My hubby is Ben, a frisbee-loving, beer-drinking accountant. Favorite cookie? Peanut butter! And as for beer, he goes for a nice hoppy IPA. Ideally from a growler filled at a local brewery.

And did I mention we have a dog? Sweet Bosco has traveled the world with us. He and Max are best buddies.

After several years of living in Calgary, Canada (read more on that here, in my previous blog), and many more years spent traveling, eating and drinking, we decided to settle down in my hometown of Nashville. Not only did we settle down, but we bought a circa 1979 ranch house in need of some love - and  it's in a (gasp!) suburban neighborhood! Here's our happy (often crazy) little home:

The House of Cookies & Beer is a place where we love good food and cooking (sometimes vegetarian, sometimes piles of bacon), micro-brew beers, tasty vino and having friends and family around as much as possible. Life is a whole new ballgame lately, but as long as there are cookies and beer (and maybe some peanut butter for Bosco), then everybody seems to stay happy.

So join the fun as I share the details of our chaotic lives and slow-but-steady house updates! If we ask nicely, Ben might even write some posts every once in a while. What can I say, the man is witty.


  1. Hey Jenn! Glad to see you're blogging again. Sad though I won't be featuring in your stories as often as in your Calgary blog! I can't believe I only just heard the story of the house find. I didn't realize it was while Ben was in Canada and you were on a home visit! Crazy!! I'm monitoring your progress on the house as I will definitely, definitely be dropping in for a visit soon! Most likely next year some time. I miss you guys HEAPS!

  2. Aw, thanks, Ali Scan!! I'm sad about that too, but we would LOVE to have you at our house anytime you want :) Haha - the way we ended up with this place was definitely pretty crazy. Miss you lots and we'll be thinking about you with Bonnaroo coming up next month!!